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What to do to relieve rheumatic pain?

Rheumatic pains are unbearable ailments and must be treated. Thanks to a few basic tips, it will be possible to effectively treat these rheumatisms. Only one of the best alternatives in this context is the spa treatment which will offer impeccable results. In any case, you will have to understand this practice before you can actually adopt it afterwards.

Tips for rheumatism

First of all, depending on the type of rheumatism, one of the simplest tips would be to apply a source of heat or cold to the joint in question. For osteoarthritis, for example, it will be necessary to choose the hot source and for inflammatory rheumatism, cold will be recommended. Also, prioritizing foods rich in omega 3 is a good alternative. Along with this, it will also be important to favor foods with a lot of vitamin C, but it would be best to take food supplements with these two elements. Regarding the action on the physical side, it is recommended to put on suitable shoes especially for rheumatism of the knees or ankles. Otherwise, it is advisable to move the muscles even if they hurt to prevent them from stiffening.

The thermal cure

The rheumatology spa treatment is one of the best treatments for rheumatism. This practice is provided by thermal springs with real curative virtues which must be approved by the Academy of Medicine. These thermal waters are then categorized into 5 major groups, namely bicarbonates, sulphides, chlorides, sulphates and oligometallics. It goes without saying that each category will necessarily correspond to a therapeutic indication. Generally, the spa treatment will cure allergies, asthma, rheumatology, heart problems, sleep disturbances, depression, gynecological problems, skin problems and weight problems. In any case, to have the most suitable treatment, it is recommended to call a doctor first.

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