Ocean designs

Activites and rentals available in Croatia

Rent a yacht and explore Croatian islands and Adriatic Sea. Croatia’s numerous boats available permits you to sail through the beautiful islands and beaches that offers Croatia. With the best price guaranteed explore the wide range of the Croatia’s island.

Varoious rentals available in Croatia

Samboat yacht rental

This is the number one Croatia’s boat rentals between individuals and professionals. With Samboat you rent boats at the best prices. More than 25000 (twenty five thousands) boats are present for rent all over the European continent. Thanks to sail boats, thousands of boats, yachts and sailboats in Croatia wait for you. You can easily look for an accessible both at any time. All you have to do is to look the boat that matches with your criteria.

Gotosailling charter

The have great boats in Croatia. They do online booking. So you just have to book online and get your reservation. With a customer service available 24/7 you are sure to have assistant at any moment. It is a brand new online travel agency. You will find everything you need as long as yacht is concern.

Yaaty charter & Brokerage

It is a leading charter company with the largest selection of sailing boats present there. You can find boats like motor yachts and catamaran. You deserve to have the best out of all, your ideal yacht charter anywhere you choose to sail will be best for you.

The boatbureau yacht chatter

It is a yacht rental services that offers boats for rentals in Croatia. The beauties offered by the sea vary. You will enjoy sailing along the edge of the coast. Boat bureau uses cookies to assure you the best user experience. The various destinations of boatbureau are Dalmatia, Istria, Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Tisno, Rabac, Brbinj, Kwarner and Zadar. They possess yachts, sail boat, catamarans for your pleasure.

Different activities you perform while sailing

Walk along the coast

The ancient wall of the southern Croatian cities is a nice tourism site for you. It features in the game of throne series. Take a walk along the coast with the coast which is as long as 2km.

Visit Diocletian’s palace

Diocletian’s palace is a close and colossal roman ruin that you can’t miss when in Croatia. It was originally meant for a military fortress. It has packed though so make sure you wake very early to see this magical site

You can also explore lakes and national park like the blue green and the waterfall of limestone in canyon. Easily book you the best yacht charter croatia ever had and benefit from all its beauties.

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