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The right sized Hot Tub just for you

One of the most fundamental issues for many hot tub consumers is almost always one of the hardest; what size should be their new hot tub? Modern hot tubs are available in a broad variety of sizes; from 2 people up to 10-12 people! We will look at the variables in selecting a hot tub size in this article and assist you choose the correct size for you.

Where is the hot tub going to be?

When choosing how large your hot tub should be, the last factor to look at is to look at the room you plan to put it in. Is it large enough to hold your desired hot tub? If room could be a problem, be sure to assess your region of installation before shopping for the hot tub. Make sure any hot tubs you are looking at can fit into your selected room. Keep in mind that accessories such as stairs and lifts will boost the footprint that the hot tub requires. For example, cover lifts usually require 6′′ clearance on either side of the hot tub and 18′′ clearance on the back of the hot tub to function properly.

How to decide what size of hot tub to buy

How do you understand what size of hot tub to buy with so many prospective variables? Often, the best way to find out is to just get everyone to try it out in the hot tub. Take the family down to the showroom before placing any cash down and sit in a few hot tubs. Try thesmall hot tubs for saleonce you believe you've discovered the correct size to make sure you've selected the correct one. Pay close attention to the foot size well and make sure the children of all fit comfortably without crowding in it. Remember that for many years you'll have this warm tub.

Ultimately wrapping up

The size of the hot tub you choose depends on your personal preference. Hopefully this guide has given you some nice tips to assist you select the correct size for you.

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