The advantages of installing an inflatable spa indoors

Do you want to buy an inflatable spa, but still wondering where to install it? Are you hesitating between a location in your garden, on your terrace or directly inside your house?

While it is interesting to be able to enjoy the rays of the sun in summer, choosing to install your inflatable spa indoors has many advantages.

Being able to use your spa all year round

This is the number 1 advantage of the inflatable spa: it can be easily transported and can be installed indoors when the weather is off. Even if it is possible to find inflatable spas at very attractive prices, its purchase remains an investment. It would be a shame not to be able to enjoy it all year round.

By installing your inflatable spa indoors, you won't have to worry about the outside temperature or the weather. Rain or snow, you can enjoy the hot tub and relaxing jets whenever you want!

Relax away from prying eyes

We are not all fortunate enough to have a garden. Even less of a garden without any vis-à-vis! Even if you maintain good relations with your neighborhood, it is much more pleasant to enjoy your indoor jacuzzi in peace without taking the risk of being in the field of vision of your neighbors. This advantage is even more aimed at midnight bath enthusiasts who can enjoy their spa as they see fit.

Less electricity consumption

This is perhaps an advantage that we do not immediately think of when choosing to install an inflatable spa indoors and yet it is not negligible: installing your spa indoors will allow you to consume much less electricity.

Outside, the inflatable spa must be heated to enjoy warm and pleasant water. To compensate for the temperature difference between the water and the outside, the heating will need a lot of electricity.

By installing your inflatable spa in a heated room, the temperature difference between the water and the outside will be much smaller and your spa will then consume less electricity to heat the water.

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