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A pleasure boat is the naval activity practice for regeneration (yachting, or boating), with recreational watercraft (sailboat, motorboat, amphibious vehicles, jet-ski, hovercraft, seaplanes, pocket submarine).If you do not have a pleasure license (inland or coastal waters).You must take a training course with a teaching institution. The training institution will organize your training in the theory and conduct of the boat. The training must include at least.

Preparing for its release is sure to have a good time

On board, keep the administrative documents carefully (certificate of insurance, navigation card ...).Check the security kit (first aid kit, life jackets, rockets ...). All your team must know its place and functioning in order to be rapidly and efficiently used.Have consistent VHF radio and control them. Thanks to them, you can interact with the captaincy, alert the CROSS, speak with the help and be situated by the saviors. If you do not have VHF make the 196 on your mobile phone to alert the rescue in case of sorrow.

Always have your vessel on board for your survival: drink, food, pharmacy and protective clothing.

Check the general condition of your trailer

Test drains pressure, turn indicators and hub operation, grease bearings.Make sure the boat is fully equipped on its trailer. The hull must rest on all the rollers.We recommend that you do not refuel before conveying your boat on the road. This would increase the overall weight and could push the PTAC higher.

If you sail at night

The tiring of the harness is obligatory as well as the lighting of the heavy lights from sunset to sunrise. Be careful: distance, speed, trajectory of other boats. Before dusk, we advise you to put your boat in order and make all the necessary safety equipment. Do not forget your lamp.

Once at the port

Rinse your device and equipment on board with fresh water. Regular upkeep of your boat is vital to maintain its value.

Sailing can be luxurious, especially when you own your boat. Purchase of your boat, maintenance, mooring, etc... Expenditures that can rapidly become important and are not accessible to all ... So, how to do if we like to sail - that we have experience or not - without breaking the bank and particularly when you do not have your own boat? The website to rent a boat for a perfect boating is

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